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Boston/Brookline Condo Courtyard Ways – Boston, MA

We were chosen by a local landscape designer to install new courtyard walkways for this high-end Brookline Condo complex, located just outside of Boston. This project required us to remove the existing blacktop over concrete walkways and dispose of them.

We then worked with a local electrician to provide over 400 feet of trenching for the new electrical upgrades to the building. Once all electrical work was inspected and completed, our crews started the layout and excavation for the newly designed walkways. Over 4,000 square feet of new walkway was constructed using the Unilock Copthorne paver with a Unilock Town Hall paver soldiers course. The finished walkway provided the residents of these high-end condo’s with a new winding walkway throughout the courtyard, that provided the old world charm typical of Boston.

This project will be finished in Spring of 2018 with new plantings and lawn areas.

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