Retaining walls
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Retaining walls

A large retaining wall was installed to prevent the eroding of the homeowners’ backyard. The wall needed to be 9 feet high at its tallest point and over 100 feet in length. Due to the height of the wall and the large amount of weight it would be holding back, engineering principals were applied to ensure the safety and stability of the wall. Geo-grid reinforcement and extensive drainage were installed behind the scenes. The beautiful look of the wall can be attributed to Unilock Roman Wall.

This homeowner contacted us because their existing timber tie wall was falling down. Rather than repair the existing wall, they chose to have a new wall and steps installed using Unilock Roman Wall in the Nevada Blend which nicely complimented the colors of the house. Our crews put in several drains behind the wall to properly handle surface and sub-surface water which came from the property above. Downspouts were tied in underground to carry water away from the house and walls.

RJM Landscaping was contacted by this customer to design and install a usable space underneath their existing deck. Our design consisted of creating a patio using the Unilock Holland stone paver in the Nevada Blend color accented by the Holland stone paver in the Charcoal color.

We took advantage of the different elevations that the property had to offer by installing a curved two tier retaining wall to add function and privacy by sheltering the patio from the nearby road. It also created an area for the customer to add plantings. The set of steps that runs through the wall also allows access to the upper side lawn, which later on will have a series of paver pathways surrounded by gardens. We used the other grade change to create a small seat wall within the patio for guests and alike to enjoy.

RJM Landscaping, Inc. was contacted by this homeowner to replace an existing retaining wall that was falling over, causing the driveway to sink. After evaluating the site and close working conditions, we chose the Unilock Sienna wall system.

This stone is a machine set wall with each block weighing close to 600 lbs. This system reduced the amount of excavation work as well as avoided disrupting the two bordering properties. Upon completion of the wall, to remove the sunken pieces, the driveway was saw-cut, re-graded and a new blacktop was installed.
Hi Rick!

Everything looks fantastic! Great job - and again - it has been a pleasure to work with you. Your guys are very professional and courteous (and even liked dogs - I think - at least Bailey thought that)!

I will be happy to refer anyone I know who will be doing this type of work to you! Thanks again!


This project started out by coming up with a design to access the clients lake front beach which consisted of a 50 FT elevation change and thick vegetation. Our designer came up with a switch-back path using stabilized screenings. After going through the permit process with the local Conservation Commission, the project was given an Order Of Conditions to strictly follow. The project required us to install drainage swales to handle any rainfall and runoff concerns and to prevent any silt from entering the lake. Our crews also built natural field stone retaining walls using the native stone found on site to help achieve the finish grades needed. Thousands of cubic yards of material were used to achieve the desired slopes to make it down the grade to the beach. Once the pathway was installed, our crews installed natural landscaping to blend in with the surroundings, and to give the area interest and color for every season. To finish off the project, we installed a natural stone bench into the lower retaining wall and a fire pit to enjoy on those cooler nights by the lake.

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