Paver patios, walkways, driveways, overlays, parking lots
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Paver patios, walkways, driveways, overlays, parking lots

This project was the second phase of a much bigger project we completed last season. The customer was so pleased and impressed with how the back yard poolscape turned out, that they wanted to continue the project by having us design and install a new front entryway and landscape. The project consisted of a new set of Goshen Stone steps with Granite treads, a new front paver walkway using the Unilock Treo Endura pavers in Almond Grove color, and new foundation plantings. Our crews also removed the customers old black top driveway, installed a new drainage catch basin, a new driveway base was also installed. We then had the driveway re-paved to finish this project.

Our landscape designer was asked to create a new landscape for this newer colonial styled home that had an outdated and over grown landscape. We created the new space by adding a new front walkway using the Unilock Beacon Hill pavers in Fossil color. New plantings were installed to compliment the architecture of the home and its surroundings. The final project resulted in a new classy look for this beautiful home.

RJM Landscaping was chosen to install this new parking lot on the campus of one of our clients. Our crews excavated for the new layout, installed the new storm water drainage systems, and installed the base for the new pavement. Palmer Paving provided the beautiful paving job on this project to complete the parking lot. Our crews finished off the project with new plantings and sod lawn.

We were hired to design a new entertaining area for this project.  The final design entailed a large patio being installed using the Unilock Artline paver in the Umbriano finish with a raised garden for herbs built using granite curbing.  A fire pit and seat wall were built using Goshen stone and granite coping with a new natural granite patio to compliment the colors of the paver patio and tie in with the coping on the seat wall.

We were hired to come up with a design that would allow this client a better entertaining area in their sloped back yard.  The final design included a two-tier patio built using the Unilock Beacon Hill smooth pavers with seat walls & light pillars built using the Unilock Brussels dimensional wall system and capped using natural Brownstone.  We installed a natural gas fire pit to allow quick start ups on those busy week nights for our client to enjoy with their kids.

We have been working with this client over the past three years installing new landscaping and replacing paver patios that were incorrectly installed by another contractor.  When deciding to install an inground pool, they decided to continue working with us to come up with a design for the new pool, patio and plantings.  Once the design was finalized, our crews installed new custom granite slab coping around the new pool along with the new patio using the Unilock Treo pavers with the Endura finish.  A nice diving rock was installed to match the new patio and coping.  The new landscape plantings will be installed in Spring of 2019.

We were hired by this long-time client to remove and replace the existing paver pool patio that had been installed incorrectly by the original contractor.  Over the years, large sink holes were appearing around the pools edge which became costly to repair time and time again, and the pavers were not properly blended during installation causing large color swatches.  The client decided it was time to fix the ongoing problem permanently.  We removed all the old pavers, installed and properly compacted a new gravel base, then installed the new patio using the Techo-Bloc Aberdeen pavers.  The end result was beautiful, and was beyond our client’s expectations.

This was a very large project in which we literally took a steep slope of a backyard that was of no use to the homeowner and created several tiers of usable space in which they could entertain family and friends, relax and enjoy the priceless views of the lake as well as play with their newborn. First, we constructed two walls using Versa Lok Retaining Wall to create three separate tiers. On top of the first wall, a sod lawn was installed for the family to play on. On top of the second wall, a paver patio was added using Ideal Boston Colonial Pavers. This patio gave the homeowners the perfect space for entertaining or just enjoying each others’ company over a peaceful sunset. Steps were installed leading from the patio down to the beach and private docks below. A paver walkway was installed leading from the back patio to the front driveway, completing this project.

This project was a lot of fun, since it consisted of working with a historic home and property. We were hired to install a new front step and front walkway and the challenge was maintaining the old, historic look but using modern materials. A large slab of Goshen stone – 6’ wide by 3’ deep and 7” thick – was chosen for the front step. This proved quite a challenge to set due to its 6,000 pound weight! Once the stone was set in place, the old crumbling concrete walk was removed and a new paver walkway using the Unilock Mirada stone was installed. The Beechwood blend color with a Granite blend band was chosen to compliment the new stone step and the colors of the house.

This homeowner desired a landscape design for their newly purchased home. Our crews installed a patio off of their existing back deck utilizing Unilock’s newest Avante Ashlar paver. Bordering the patio are Almond Grove colored Brussels block pavers and a centrally located accent using Unilock Granite stone was created. After completing the hardscape, ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs and trees were planted. The landscape also includes a four variety Lilac mixture of hedging along the property line to create a nice, interesting flower show in spring. We completed this project by hydro-seeding the existing bare spots in the lawn to ensure a rich, green backdrop for the colorful plantings.

We were hired to design a new back yard for this client. After coming up with a terraced back yard design using Goshen stone to help create the tiers we were on to the next step to getting the project ready to be started. Due to the proximity to a lake, we had to obtain wetland permits before any of the work could begin.

After approval from the Conservation Commission, work was started. The bottom wall was constructed first with steps leading up to the next level. Sod had to be installed immediately after the wall was built for erosion purposes. We then constructed the top wall which also acted as the edge of the paver patio extension that we added to give the client more usable space. Once the hardscape was complete, the job site was returned back to the client to enjoy their new space.

This project started out in the design stages an entire season before work was to be started. After several concepts and keeping in mind the clients love for Cape Cod, a final design/plan was in place.

The project consisted of new steps off the back of the house that connected the kitchen and mud room entrances. We used the Unilock Estate wall for the steps which were capped with the Unilock Ledgestone copping. We created a seat wall along the edge of the patio using reclaimed granite blocks from an old railroad bridge abutment. These blocks weighed in at over 5000 pounds each, and added the beauty of natural stone and a real Cape feeling to the project. A fire pit was installed for use by the kids and adults for cooking and night time ambiance. We installed an 1100 sq ft patio using the Unilock Camelot paver which gave a cobble stone feel. The project was finished off with the landscaping which consisted of some raised beds incorporating Hydrangeas, ornamental grasses, Viburnam, and Weeping Red Bud.

The overall project gave the client the Cape like feel they were looking for, as well as privacy for entertaining.

We installed this patio using the Unilock Camelot paving stone with Brussels Limestone accent band around perimeter. The client requested that we do not paver over septic tank for easy access, so our crew installed a Granite curbing around the tank outline and filled with washed stone. The client will install container plants to fill the area, and to create a softer feel to the new space. A fire pit, new steps, and sono tubes were also installed by our crew so client can install a roof over grilling area.

We designed a new patio space for this client to replace their existing pressure treated deck. Due to the cost of composite materials, the choice to use pavers was the best choice for the long term expense and use of the space. Our crews installed a two level paver patio due to grade changes using the Unilock Camelot paver in Sierra color with a Copthorne accent banding. Two sets of radius steps were installed to allow client to access the patio from the different rooms in the house and to be closer to grilling area. A fire pit was requested so the client and guests can enjoy a warm up after an evening swim or to just sit around having an after dinner drink. Our crews also installed a new front walkway to match the new back patio and new landscape to finish off the project.

Our client had an existing concrete patio around their in-ground pool that was no longer a pleasant site. Upon our site visit, we saw that the concrete was still in excellent condition with no cracks, just discolored. We recommended that the patio be overlaid with concrete pavers. This option would eliminate the costly expense of removing and disposing the existing concrete patio and preparing a new base for a new pavement. After exploring all the pavement options, our client chose the Techo-Bloc Blu-45 overlay system. After the product was installed it gave our client a beautiful new pavement around their pool for a fraction of the cost and installation time.

This job was quite comprehensive, requiring a significant amount of site work. Once the grass returns and the plantings are completing, this family will have the beautiful driveway and entryway they've always dreamed of.

We were contacted by this homeowner's landscaper to design and install a new front walkway to replace an old concrete & flagstone walk. We designed the walkway using the Unilock Copthorne paver in a 3 color blend, resulting in a beautiful new walkway with old world charm that will last for generations.

This project started out as several design concepts back in September of 2011. Through the winter we worked closely with the client to perfect the design to be later installed in spring of 2012. Our Hardscape crew installed this beautiful patio using the Unilock Brussels Pavers in the Sierra color accented with banding and inlays using the Unilock Copthorne Pavers. A Unilock Tuscan fireplace was installed as well for the client to enjoy the features of heat on a cool summer’s night while entertaining, as well as roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. To finish off the project, our landscape crew installed an array of shrubs, trees, boulders, and ground covers to make the new patio an outdoor paradise to enjoy for many years to come.

We were asked by this client to find a solution to replace their aging and un-usable pressure treated deck. We designed a new raised patio using the Unilock Beacon Hill paver, with Estate Wall seat walls. This new design allows the client to have a much larger and usable space compared to the old deck which lent no room for gathering, while also coming in around the same cost as a composite deck option. The choice to use pavers for this project gives the client piece of mind knowing that they will never need to think about replacing this patio.

We have been working with this client for several years installing the various phases of their landscape project throughout the property.

This phase consisted of having our stone masons install cultured stone veneer to cover over the existing concrete foundation of their front entryway to match the existing stonework on the house. We then covered over the existing concrete patio with a natural grey sandstone paver, all of which resulted in a rich and inviting entryway.

We were contacted by this customer to come up with a design for a new patio they wanted to install off of their new driveway for entertaining. We designed a 1,000 sq ft patio using the Unilock Mirada pavers in the Sierra Blend color. We added two different bandings and an inlay of Unilock Copthorne pavers to add a nice contrast to this large patio. A square fire pit design was used to add a different touch from the usual round fire pits. To finish out our project, our crew also added a nice custom mailbox using the Unilock Brussels dimensional wall stone with a Granite Cap & custom carved address. Both of these added features will be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.

After living many years with a pressure treated deck and the constant maintenance involved, our client asked us to design/build a new Outdoor Living space for them. Our design consisted of a new set of steps from the sliding door down to a new Unilock Beacon Hill paver patio which was surrounded by seat walls to provide additional seating for larger gatherings using the Unilock Estate Wall Product. A raised planter was incorporated into the step design to allow for seasonal plantings to provide a splash of color. Due to the sites Southern Exposure, a custom pavilion was also installed to allow for a place to gather during a rainy afternoon or to just have relief from the hot summer sun.

We were contacted to design a back yard space for this client to enjoy with family and friends. The final design was a new large patio using the Unilock Treo Classic pavers in Granite Blend. We installed a fire pit and high back seat wall using the Unilock Rivercrest wall system in Coastal Slate color. Our crews also formed and poured a new concrete slab for a future hot tub and installed the sono tubes for the future pavilion which will be installed in 2017. The final result was a fantastic entertainment area to be enjoyed by all.

For this job, we completely redesigned and removed an old crumbling patio, stairway and sidewalk. Not only is the patio much more attractive and enjoyable to sit out on, but it is also more structurally sound and will last for generations.

This patio had been previously installed by another company several years ago and unfortunately, the homeowner was having issues with the patio as it was settling in some areas and uneven. Adding to the problems, the fireplace had been installed on top of the patio which due to the weight was causing the patio to sink underneath it.

Our crew removed the existing patio, setting aside the paver blocks aside for re-installation. We then adjusted the base and re-compacted to eliminate any further settling.

Finally, a new reinforced concrete pad was installed to prevent fireplace from settling and the fireplace was then relocated to give the client more patio space. We finished off the area with new landscape plantings to make the area feel more cozy and inviting.

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