Natural Stone walls, walkways, steps, patios
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Natural Stone walls, steps, patios

This project was designed with the homeowner’s request to have a really natural look and to go with the unique style of the home. This project was set deep in the woods, so it called for the use of natural stone. In our design, a Goshen Stone seat wall with granite coping was installed along this beautiful large slab Goshen stone patio. The patio was installed to be permeable which allows for any water to be directed back into the ground. We installed a boulder fire pit to stay with the natural look, and incorporated many large boulders in and around the patio for additional seating. The final result is a great space to enjoy while taking in the natural surrounding beauty.

RJM Landscaping was awarded the contract to begin renovations of Stanley Park’s Asian gardens in the fall of 2008. The project consisted of the installation of over 1,000 linear feet of ADA (American Disability Act) approved pathways. One section of the pathway was created using large slab pieces of Goshen Stone, although the majority of the pathways were made out of stabilized stone dust. Two different styles of unique natural stone walls were installed to further enhance the theme of the gardens. This phase of the project was completed by Hydro seeding all the lawn areas within the new pathways. Future phases of the project will consist of a two-tier pond with waterfalls, a Cleansing Garden and the addition of Asian-style plantings.

We installed this wall as part of a bigger project that was installed on this site.  The new wall had various chunks of aged granite mixed in to give a more artistic look.  The wall was needed to address a grade change made during the installation of a new parking lot and needed to match other walls previously built by us on the property.

We have been working with this client for several years installing other Goshen stone walls on the property.  We installed this two-tier wall to replace an old boulder wall and to add steps to provide better access leading down to a lower driveway.  The end result was a new beautiful wall to compliment the log cabin house and natural surroundings.

A French Drain was installed at the top of the slope to handle all the surface water which resulted from the close proximity of the mountain. A Goshen Stone Wall was installed – incorporating the previously existing natural boulder fire pit. A new landscape was created to compliment the new walls and existing back deck. A new lawn was put in via Hydroseeding.

Age had finally taken its toll on the property’s existing wall, resulting in parts of it falling down. We constructed a new Goshen Stone wall mixing in some of the old stone to match other walls on the property. The finished look really adds to the beauty and value of this historic home.

This homeowner contacted us to design a new entry way for their home (which had existing timber tie walls and steps that were in much need of repair). After exploring several possibilities, Goshen Stone was chosen as the best fit for this project. Several Goshen Stone Walls along with steps leading up to the front and side doors were installed. Unilock pavers were used to create several landings and a patio in the backyard. A new landscape and sod lawn were installed, completing this project and giving the entire yard a new look.

This project was a lot of fun, since it consisted of working with a historic home and property. We were hired to install a new front step and front walkway and the challenge was maintaining the old, historic look but using modern materials. A large slab of Goshen stone – 6’ wide by 3’ deep and 7” thick – was chosen for the front step. This proved quite a challenge to set due to its 6,000 pound weight! Once the stone was set in place, the old crumbling concrete walk was removed and a new paver walkway using the Unilock Mirada stone was installed. The Beechwood blend color with a Granite blend band was chosen to compliment the new stone step and the colors of the house.

This homeowner wanted their property to become more usable space. After clearing the trees and brush, we brought in over 2,500 cubic yards of fill material and loam to expand the back and side yards. We built a Goshen Stone wall with flat faced boulders incorporated into the wall for a unique appearance. The wall divided the front and side yard elevations, reaching heights over 7 feet. We finished off this project by hydro seeding the newly created areas.
Dear Rick,

We wanted to thank you for the work that RJM Landscaping did for us this past summer and early fall. From the very first meeting, you were realistic and straight-forward with us about what we could and could not do on our land. You were conscientious about keeping in touch with us (seemingly a lost art with some professionals these days), and made frequent visits to check on progress.

You crew was fantastic. Matt McGrath and Matt Unsderfer did a great job, day after day. They accommodated every request to the best of their ability, from taking down trees to leveling our lawn, with courtesy and good humor. They took time to speak to us about projected timelines and shared their ideas of what might work. Our two young girls were sad to see them go, as they had become both a fixture and a fascination. You are fortunate to have these two working for you.

The end results - the lawn, beautiful Goshen stonewall and tree wells - look great. Our property now complements our house and is an outdoor space our family can enjoy year-round and for years to come. We will certainly be calling you again!

Thanks once more!

This client contacted us to create a new patio off of their existing deck. We constructed a patio surrounded by seat walls out of Goshen Stone. Small plantings were installed to soften the area and create a splash of seasonal color.

This client wanted to remove their existing pressure treated deck which was becoming a high maintenance item for them and replace it with a Goshen Stone patio and steps to match the walls we installed for them 10 years ago. We used a combination of large and medium sized stones to create this patio. The seams are very tight between the stone making this patio ideal for tables and chairs. In the end, they now have a beautiful patio to enjoy for many years to come with next to no maintenance to perform on it.

This client contacted us to excavate an area around the front of their home to allow for the installation of large basement windows to let more sunlight in. This project called for retaining walls and after careful consideration, and the existing surroundings, the client chose Goshen stone to be used for the walls. Our stone masons crafted this wall which was a two tier wall 55 feet long and 4 feet high. Upon completion, we transplanted some of the existing shrubs to finish off the area.

One of our long term clients asked us to create a terraced landscape using Goshen Stone walls to dress up an existing overgrown area. Our stone masons got creative with this project by installing a bench built into the lower wall, and adding in stone spires and larger stones to give the project an artistic flare. Steps were added in to allow access to the different levels. We installed a River Stone swail to collect water runoff from the adjacent buildings roof. Landscape plantings were then added in by the campus grounds crew.

Our stone masons removed an existing set of timber tie steps that had smaller pieces of flagging stones used for the landings in between. We replaced these steps with Goshen Stone steps that had Large one piece stone landings to avoid any un-level stepping surfaces. Our crew then installed a custom pipe railing bent and welded on site, and attached to Rustic Granite posts. Our client now has a much more functional & safer set of steps that fit the native setting of the Berkshires.

This project required us to remove an old Goshen Stone wall that was failing and was posing a safety concern due to the abutting walkway and heavy pedestrian traffic. After removing the existing wall, our stonemasons built a new Goshen Stone wall with proper drainage behind it. We incorporated custom Granite seats into the wall which overlooks the properties pond, and provides a great place to stop, take a break, and enjoy the scenery.

This client needed the stone wall on his vacation home rebuilt or repaired and chose R.J.M. Landscaping to complete the project. Upon closer examination of the existing wall, Rick Miller, owner of R.J.M., determined that the large amounts of water, coming from the slope above, was the primary cause of the failure of the previous wall. It was also determined that there was a fair amount of ledge in the area which would need to be removed to build a new wall properly. An interlocking block retaining wall with a drainage system built behind it (to handle the quantities of water from the slope above) was created using the Unilock Roman Wall system. The new wall was designed and built to flow into an existing portion of the previous wall, using native limestone from the area.

Starting with a clean slate, this customer encouraged our creativity while following their design ideas to transform their old farm property. A ¾ “ stone base was spread on the site’s clay soil. Extra large Goshen stone flagging was set by a machine then hand seamed to ensure close-fitting joints. A fire pit accompanied with a small seat wall was installed. Moss covered boulders, harvested on the property, were installed to appear as ledge outcrops from the patio and to add interest to the seat wall and fire pit. The atmosphere of the age-old farmland is completed with a modern twist that completes the home and its’ surroundings.

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