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8 Ideas for Landscaping Without Grass


Lush green grass is one of the most conventional ideas associated with a house’s landscape. But while tending to the aesthetics of your house, it is okay to run counter to some of these ideas.

Though landscaping without grass might sound bohemian, it can alleviate your workload by relieving you of mowing, watering, and other maintenance jobs a lawn demands. Though there are many ways to landscape your garden and the rest of your yard, landscaping without grass is on rising demand for its low maintenance cost without any compromise on the aesthetics.

What is landscaping without grass?

One of the best ways to build a beautiful yard that does not exploit natural resources or your time is to landscape without grass. Traditional lawns require intensive maintenance, watering, and weeding. Landscaping without grass is a smart way of beautifying your land with less water usage, less maintenance, and expense. There are so many alternatives for grass that you can incorporate into landscaping that will not demand your time and attention. Gravel, wood chips, rocks, stones are some substitutes of grass that have revolutionized landscaping. 

Here are some of the best ideas for you to landscape without grass:

  1. Patios

A patio is where people start from when they want to landscape without grass. Weed a piece of land and fill it up with same-sized or irregular shaped stones or bricks. Cover as much area as you want so that you can add your oversized furniture in this area. Use tables and chairs that contrast the color of the stones, spread a pretty table cloth, and accessorize it with an elegant flower vase. The place will give out a very casual and calming vibe for your family.

  1. Perennials

Perennial plants can make your yard a sight to behold. There are different varieties of perennials that you could choose from to cover your land and leave the job of blooming throughout the year to them. Alliums, balloon flowers, creeping thyme, blazing stars, daffodils, day lily are some of the varieties that will grow anywhere withstanding harsh weather conditions and foot traffic. Plant them once and brace for the perpetual blossom! 

  1. Garden in Pots

Container gardening lets you take very little effort to adorn your yard, unlike landscaping a huge garden. Arrange attractive plants in pots wherever you don’t require lawn. As small-sized pots will not contain enough soil to sustain the plant’s life, make sure you get average-sized mud pots for your plants. Also, add some holes in the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage. 

  1. Rock Gardens

If you are keen on landscaping without grass, a rock garden is one of the most feasible options. Well-laid rocks between green plants and vibrant flowers will make an aesthetically pleasing view. However small your yard may be, a rock garden will fit in easily. If your space is too small, the ideal design would be a raised bed of 'choice rocks'. It is not even necessary to fill the plot with plants. Expose the rocks here and there to accentuate different textures. Set a color scheme for your garden first and then pick your plants wisely. Since rocks have high heat retention, make sure your plant varieties deal well with the temperature of the rocks. 

  1. Pools and Ponds

Perhaps adding a water body to the land is the easiest way to imagine a landscape without grass. A water body will change the ambience of your yard drastically. Remove a patch of your lawn and replace it with a pool or a pond. A pond can make your yard look attractive with water plants and flowers. To have some birds over, set up a birdbath next to your pond. If the pool is made in your patio, the place can be used as a ‘chilling hub’ for your folks, which will always make a centerpiece for fun. Here are more reasons to have a pool patio at home. 

  1. Gravel

Gravel is an eco-friendly, economical option to landscape without grass. It does not require any form of maintenance and prevents the growth of weeds. Combine it with stones, add some plant pots on either side of the land, and you get an attractive yard. Since gravel is permeable, it is easy for rainwater to seep into the ground. Among a wide variety of decorative gravels available in the market, glass gravel is the most popular for its colors and texture.

  1. Wood chips

Spreading wood chips in your garden will maintain soil temperature while providing a natural look to your yard. It is commonly used as mulch on the ground and adds to the fertility of the soil by producing nitrogen. It nurtures newly sown seeds by maintaining the moisture in the soil and prevents the growth of weeds. It also supports soil organisms and contributes to soil formation. Cover up to two to three inches of your land with wood chips and as it degrades, add more layers on top.

  1. Turfs

If you are tired of mowing but still want greenery in your yard, then get a turf! Turfs come in different colors and heights to mimic natural grass. Tear up your turf and spread it wherever you want. It is instant, water-resistant, does not retain mud and requires very low maintenance. It needs no mowing, trimming, weeding or watering. Turfs will also put an end to your constant worries about pets soiling your grass or soil erosion. 

Landscaping without grass, if optimized, can be used to lower water consumption, soil pollution, and to save time. For the people of Western Massachusetts, RJM Landscaping gives the best service in landscaping courtyards,  driveways, walkways, and overlays. 

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