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6 Outdoor Stone Sign Ideas


Outdoor stone sign


Wanting to attract attention to your business is not as easy as it seems. While you may think that making a simple sign is enough to draw in customers, you may not realize that more goes into marketing than just that.

Signs are placed everywhere and when someone is driving, walking, or even looking up businesses online, they tend to look over the average promotion. You need something that is unique and catches the eye, to ensure that your place of business doesn’t get looked over like so many others do.

This is why an outdoor stone sign is a perfect idea to help generate foot traffic. Not only will it be able to stand up to the testament of various weather conditions, but it will be a real eye-catcher. Take a look below at some great ideas that will help boost your business and add a great addition to your brand.

Stone Pillars

A really attractive way to display your business’s name is with a traditional stone sign. With two cobblestone pillars and receded wall, you can have your business displayed prominently. This kind of design is good for virtually anything. Whether you are selling furniture, brandy, or even golf clubs, this is a perfect choice. Not only will people want to stop to check out what your store is, but they will be impressed by your outdoor stone sign.

Simple but Perfect

Sometimes, you don’t need to think too fancy to get the message across. Contacting a stone sign company to install a giant rock with your company’s name engraved in it looks great enough. Not only is this kind of sign a statement piece, but you also don’t have to worry about trying to come up with an extravagant sign. You have a big, bold stone that will stand out to any onlooker and with your business name engraved on it, you’re sure to attract people to give your company a visit. The best part about this is it is extremely hard to miss.

A Pillar and a Hanging Sign

This kind of design combines two sign ideas and puts them together. With a single standing pillar, you can opt to hang a sign from it that has whatever message you want on it. It is a simple design that somehow also feels very comforting. For family-owned businesses, this is a great idea to help welcome anyone to your store. Not only does it have the stone sign aspect to it, but you don’t have to worry about a big stone sign blocking anything or taking up too much ground space.

Wood and a Stone Sign

If you are wanting to incorporate some stone, but not have the whole sign be made of stone, this cool idea giving a feel of ranches is great. With a stone foundation, you can make the rest of the structure wood to have a sign hanging off of. This is great if you have a farm or a ranch that you are wanting to attract people to, as it gives it that authentic feel. You don’t need to commit to a big stone sign, you can just have some in order to create something that everyone will want to go to.

Real Ranch Style

Something about stone signs really screams “ranch”, don’t they? Well, if this is what you’re looking for, then it’s a good idea to check out this suggestion. As an entranceway to your ranch, have stone walls that move upwards and then have a metal gate that can open and close to let people in and out. This really gives it that old Western feel that will make everyone wanting to visit your ranch feel like they’re stepping into the past.

Haphazard Stone Pillars

Instead of that cobblestone look, go with smooth stones placed in a haphazard fashion. Then either put a stone, wood, or metal sign across them to promote your location. This kind of style is great for outdoors activity centers that are looking to get their message across. When you’re wanting your child to be enrolled in a summer activity, this is the best option to promote your company.

Having an outdoor stone sign is a great idea for any business that is looking to catch the eye of a passerby. If you are looking for more or customized stone signage, there are custom stone sign makers who can do it for you. You might find the foot traffic increasing and wonder why you never went with an outdoor stone sign, to begin with.

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