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8 Amazing Ways You Can Landscape Your Garden

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Landscape Design is one way in which homeowners can get very creative. While you might be limited to a house color that matches the others in your neighborhood, thanks to homeowner’s association requirements, your yard can still become an interesting oasis.

Ripping out all of the grass and replacing it with stones might be out of the pictures, but no one will stop you from installing a water feature or even picking a specific theme for your flowers. Here are some ideas that even the pickiest homeowner’s association will approve of.

1) Choose a Theme

A theme is a good way to have a little fun, while at the same time, design a beautiful landscape. Your entire yard can revolve around the theme that you choose. Some suggestions include using only flowers of one single color, like purple or pink, or even going with a theme that’s centered around your favorite movie. Flowers that look like the ones used in a Disney movie, or anything like that will work nicely. This is where you can really get creative with it.

2) Add Some Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is something that can really make your landscaping pop. Plus it provides some security at night. No one wants to traipse around the yard (for nefarious reasons, of course) if they know that they might be seen.

You can install accent lighting along the borders of your flowerbeds, install a light post near your front door, or even string some small clear lights along the edge of your porch. There are even fairy lights that resemble butterflies, flowers, and other things that change color as they light up. These are all great options that you should consider.

3) Go with Locally Grown Plants

Locally grown plants, specifically those that are native to your climate, are other things that you can include in your landscaping. Since these plants are designed for your weather, they’ll require less maintenance year-round.

You won’t have to worry about bringing them indoors, or even placing canvas on the ground to protect their roots. On top of that, these flowers and other plants look nice and will add a little something special to your yard. You can even brag to your neighbors that those plants are local!

4) Plant Flowers with Benefits

What do we mean by flowers with benefits? Well, you’ve probably seen butterfly and hummingbird gardens. That’s what “flowers with benefits” are. They’re plants that look nice and add some color to your yard, but that has the additional benefit of drawing in wildlife. Imagine being able to look out your front window and see a lot of colorful butterflies flitting about. This can come true with one of these gardens.

5) Purchase Some Statuary

A simple statue or two can really elevate your yard. Choose something that looks as though it’s well made (your local garden center should have a bunch to pick from) and that complements the rest of your landscaping. Remember that size matters, so don’t go with a large statue if you have a small yard, unless that’s the look that you were going for.

6) Borders Matter

Many people just place a simple plastic, the dug-in barrier between their flower beds and their grass. While this does its job and prevents grass from growing into your garden, it looks boring. You can liven up your garden with a pretty border. You don’t even need to purchase anything expensive – just use those bricks that you have laying around in your garage.

Other suggestions include stone blocks, wooden slats, and even colorful stones. All of them will create a border that keeps the grass out and looks nice at the same time. This is what you really want.

7) Install a Water Feature

Water features look expensive but don’t need to be. They don’t even have to be moving since you can place a simple stone birdbath on the ground and call it a water feature. However, if you really want one that has some visual impact, then you want a fountain.

This is not something that you do yourself unless you find a way to hook your hose up to it. The best ones receive water through the pipes that are installed under your yard. Since this is tricky to do and requires quite a few permits, you’ll need to have a professional handle the job. With that said, simpler water features do the job, cost less, and look just as nice.

8) Don’t Forget the Path

Pathways can really add to the visual interest in your yard, and give you a place to walk and kneel when you’re pulling weeds and planting flowers. Walkways that are made of stone or slats of wood look nice and will do the job nicely. They are also easy to install.

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