Examples of Our Work

Goshen Stone Walls and Drainage - Westhampton, MA 01073

A French Drain was installed at the top of the slope to handle all the surface water which resulted from the close proximity of the mountain. A Goshen Stone Wall was installed – incorporating the previously existing natural boulder fire pit. A new landscape was created to compliment the new walls and existing back deck.  A new lawn was put in via Hydroseeding.

Phased Landscape - Southampton, MA 01073

We were contacted to design a landscape that would utilize the large boulders already on the property as well as incorporate the homeowners’ love for wildlife and naturalization.  Due to the large size of this project, it was decided to break the project into three separate phases. The first phase consisted of foundation plantings, a Unilock paver walkway leading to the front entrance and a Goshen Stone walkway leading from the back door to a beautiful wildlife viewing area. A new sod lawn completed phase one.

Phase two involved the installation of Goshen Stone raised planters, low-voltage lighting and a stone bridge which spanned over the natural dry creek river bed. Lastly, an old New England Fieldstone wall was built to outline the property.

Phase three entailed the replacement of the existing pressure treated deck with a new Unilock paver patio banded with Granite stone and the addition of extensive plantings chosen to attract various birds and other forms of wildlife.  This project was started in 2003 and completed in 2006.

Retaining Wall - Chesterfield, MA 01012

A large retaining wall was installed to prevent the eroding of the homeowners’ backyard. The wall needed to be 9 feet high at its tallest point and over 100 feet in length. Due to the height of the wall and the large amount of weight it would be holding back, engineering principals were applied to ensure the safety and stability of the wall. Geo-grid reinforcement and extensive drainage were installed behind the scenes. The beautiful look of the wall can be attributed to Unilock Roman Wall.

Retaining Wall - Longmeadow, MA 01106

This homeowner contacted us because their existing timber tie wall was falling down. Rather than repair the existing wall, they chose to have a new wall and steps installed using Unilock Roman Wall in the Nevada Blend which nicely complimented the colors of the house. Our crews put in several drains behind the wall to properly handle surface and sub-surface water which came from the property above. Downspouts were tied in underground to carry water away from the house and walls.

Terraced Backyard - Southampton, MA 01073

This was a very large project in which we literally took a steep slope of a backyard that was of no use to the homeowner and created several tiers of usable space in which they could entertain family and friends, relax and enjoy the priceless views of the lake as well as play with their newborn. First, we constructed two walls using Versa Lok Retaining Wall to create three separate tiers. On top of the first wall, a sod lawn was installed for the family to play on. On top of the second wall, a paver patio was added using Ideal Boston Colonial Pavers.  This patio gave the homeowners the perfect space for entertaining or just enjoying each others’ company over a peaceful sunset. Steps were installed leading from the patio down to the beach and private docks below. A paver walkway was installed leading from the back patio to the front driveway, completing this project.

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