Berkshire County Landscape Design

Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts is a special place. Rolling hills, beautiful mountains, amazing foliage in the Fall months! Many that live in the Berkshires have chosen to have their landscaping done by RJM Landscaping. Our team has years of experience in complementing the natural beauty of the Berkshires into the landscapes of homeowners and businesses.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful Goshen Stone terraced back yard or an amazing granite sign by our stone masons for your business, RJM Landscaping can help bring the beauty of Berkshire County into your yard or business property.

Examples of Our Landscaping Work in Berkshire County

Lake Access - Becket, MA 01223

This project started out by coming up with a design to access the clients lake front beach which consisted of a 50 FT elevation change and thick vegetation. Our designer came up with a switch-back path using stabilized screenings. After going through the permit process with the local Conservation Commission, the project was given an Order Of Conditions to strictly follow. The project required us to install drainage swales to handle any rainfall and runoff concerns and to prevent any silt from entering the lake. Our crews also built natural field stone retaining walls using the native stone found on site to help achieve the finish grades needed. Thousands of cubic yards of material were used to achieve the desired slopes to make it down the grade to the beach. Once the pathway was installed, our crews installed natural landscaping to blend in with the surroundings, and to give the area interest and color for every season. To finish off the project, we installed a natural stone bench into the lower retaining wall and a fire pit to enjoy on those cooler nights by the lake.

Terraced Back Yard - Hinsdale, MA 01235

We were hired to design a new back yard for this client. After coming up with a terraced back yard design using Goshen stone to help create the tiers we were on to the next step to getting the project ready to be started. Due to the proximity to a lake, we had to obtain wetland permits before any of the work could begin.

After approval from the Conservation Commission, work was started. The bottom wall was constructed first with steps leading up to the next level. Sod had to be installed immediately after the wall was built for erosion purposes. We then constructed the top wall which also acted as the edge of the paver patio extension that we added to give the client more usable space. Once the hardscape was complete, the job site was returned back to the client to enjoy their new space.

Stonework & Firepit - Lenox, MA 01240

Starting with a clean slate, this customer encouraged our creativity while following their design ideas to transform their old farm property. A ¾ “ stone base was spread on the site’s clay soil. Extra large Goshen stone flagging was set by a machine then hand seamed to ensure close-fitting joints. A fire pit accompanied with a small seat wall was installed. Moss covered boulders, harvested on the property, were installed to appear as ledge outcrops from the patio and to add interest to the seat wall and fire pit. The atmosphere of the age-old farmland is completed with a modern twist that completes the home and its’ surroundings.

Stone Wall - Stockbridge, MA 01262

This client needed the stone wall on his vacation home rebuilt or repaired and chose R.J.M. Landscaping to complete the project.  Upon closer examination of the existing wall, Rick Miller, owner of R.J.M., determined that the large amounts of water, coming from the slope above, was the primary cause of the failure of the previous wall.  It was also determined that there was a fair amount of ledge in the area which would need to be removed to build a new wall properly.  An interlocking block retaining wall with a drainage system built behind it (to handle the quantities of water from the slope above) was created using the Unilock Roman Wall system.  The new wall was designed and built to flow into an existing portion of the previous wall, using native limestone from the area.

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